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Simon Initiative's LearnLab Summer School will be held on Monday, July 11, 2016 - Friday, July 15, 2016 at Carnegie Mellon University. This is an intensive 1-week course focused on creating technology-enhanced learning experiments and building intelligent tutoring systems. The summer school will provide you with a conceptual background and considerable hands-on experience in designing, setting up, and running technology-enhanced learning experiments, as well as analyzing the data from those experiments in a technology supported manner. Read More

LearnLab is pleased to be part of the Simon Initative at Carnegie Mellon University as well as a contributing member to the LearnSphere data infrastructure.

What is LearnLab?

LearnLab is a Science of Learning Center formally known as the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center. Funded by the National Science Foundation, our center leverages cognitive theory and computational modeling to identify the instructional conditions that cause robust student learning.

Our researchers study robust learning by conducting in vivo experiments in math, science and language courses. We also support collaborative primary and secondary analysis of learning data through our open data repository, DataShop, which provides data import and export features as well as advanced visualization, statistical, and data mining tools.

To learn more about our transformative efforts to bring science of learning into practice, read our Knowledge-Learning-Instruction Framework.

The results of our research are collected in our theoretical wiki which is currently over 400 pages. It also includes a list of principles of learning which are supported by learning science research. The wiki is open and freely editable, and we invite you to learn more and contribute.

Research at LearnLab

LearnLab researchers are organized into four research thrusts:

Thrust members conduct research, hear and critique individual research projects and new research proposals, consider broad instructional principles that capture the results of research within LearnLab as well as by researchers around the world and develop the theoretical framework wiki. We invite you to contact our thrust leads and become an active part of this process.

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Participate and Utilize LearnLab's Research Facilities

LearnLab's facilites are designed to dramatically increase the ease and speed with which learning researchers can create the rigorous, theory-based experiments that pave the way to an understanding of robust learning.

Managed jointly by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, LearnLab makes use of advanced technologies to facilitate the design of experiments that combine the realism of classroom field studies and the rigor of controlled theory-based laboratory studies.

LearnLab is a national resource for learning research that includes:

We welcome and are always seeking external participants. Please learn about what we can do for you.

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Information for Members


The latest DataShop news can be found on the about page.

For information on data formats we accept, see our help page.

Don't forget to vote for the feature you think is the most important. Go to the DataShop feature wish list on the theory wiki.

Project Study Guidelines

If you are running a LearnLab study, information about our guidelines can be found here.