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LearnLab’s Annual Learning Science Workshop Use of Technology Toward Enhancing Achievement and Equity in the 21st Century

GHC 6115 (Building #9), Carnegie Mellon
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Welcome and Introductions - Charles Perfetti

Session 1: Enhancing Achievement through Educational Technology and Data Mining - Ken Koedinger Using domain modeling, and large datasets to discover when learning occurs and to provide scaffolding for struggling students
9:20 Problem Order Implications for Learning Transfer. Nan Li, Carnegie Mellon University.
9:45 Visual Clustering and Detecting Community Structure in a Web Usage Network of E-learners. Leyla Zhuhadar, Western Kentucky University.
10:10 Does Conjunctive Knowledge Tracing Provide Leverage to the Simple Location Heuristic in Future Problem Selection? Adaeze Nwaigwe, University of Maryland University College
10:35 Break
10:50 Keynote Speaker - Janet Kolodnar
11:50 Lunch

Session 2: Motivation Interventions for Learning - Tim Nokes Malach Implementing theory based motivational interventions to target at risk populations to improve robust student learning.
13:00 Real-time interactions between attention and behavior in multimedia learning environments. Susan M. Letourneau, NYU & CUNY Graduate Center
13:25 Model of Engagement for Educational Agents based on Mouse and Keyboard Events. LaVonda Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Professional Development - Janet Koladnar and Louis Gomez
13:50 Building a Career
15:35 Break

Session 3: Opening Classroom Discourse - Lauren Resnick Studying how classroom talk contributes to domain learning and supports equity of learning opportunity.
16:00 Development of an Affect-Sensitive Agent for an Intelligent Tutor for Algebra. Thor Collin S. Andallaza, Ateneo de Manila University.
16:25 Towards Discursive Instruction: From I-R-E to Accountable Talk. Sherice Clarke, University of Pittsburgh
17:15 Closing Remarks - Ken Koedinger
18:00 Reception - The Porch in Oakland. See The Porch Location

Sunday, August 5, 2012

8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Reflections from yesterday and plans for today - Ken Koedinger

Session 4: Course-Situated Research - Charles Perfetti Running principle-testing experiments while navigating the complex waters of real-world classrooms.
9:20 Expressive Writing Boosts High-Stakes Exam Scores. Gerardo Ramirez and Sian Beilock, University of Chicago
9:45 Knowing By Engagement: Measuring elementary students’ practical epistemologies. Mary Grace F. Villanueva, University of Iowa
10:10 Using adaptive learning technologies to personalize algebra instruction to student interests: The impact of relevant contexts on robust learning. Candace Walkington, School of Education, University of Wisconsin.
10:35 Break
10:50 Keynote Speaker - Louis Gomez
11:50 Lunch

Session 5: 21st Century Skills, Dispositions, and Opportunities - Carolyn Rose Re-examining the goals of education and assessment and considering transformative changes in how and where learning occurs.
13:10 Lady Gaga, Literary Criticism, and the Future of Knowledge. Brandy L. E. Buckingham Northwestern University
13:35 Failing the test doesn’t mean I’m stupid??? Leveraging student engagement to enhance performance on standardized tests. Bonnie Chambers and Dorene Medlin, Albany State University
14:25 Break
14:45 Poster Firehose - 1 minute presentation for each poster - Michael Bett
15:00 Poster Session
16:10 Closing Remarks - Charles Perfetti