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    <links plcontinue="1|0|Social_Communication" />
      <page pageid="1" ns="0" title="Main Page">
          <pl ns="0" title="Cognitive Factors" />
          <pl ns="0" title="Computational Modeling and Data Mining" />
          <pl ns="0" title="Coordinative Learning" />
          <pl ns="0" title="Instructional Principles and Hypotheses" />
          <pl ns="0" title="Interactive Communication" />
          <pl ns="0" title="Macro-level framework" />
          <pl ns="0" title="Metacognition and Motivation" />
          <pl ns="0" title="Project Page Template and Creation Instructions" />
          <pl ns="0" title="Refinement and Fluency" />
          <pl ns="0" title="Root node" />