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Status: Prioritization Needed

User Story

As a researcher, I want to have online tests so that I can have pre-test and post-test data associated with my study.


  • It would be good if DataShop provided the ability to facilitate grading of test data. -- Alida 16:09, 3 August 2010 (EDT) -- From email thread with Bruce McLaren and Vincent Aleven.
    • Vincent suggested that DataShop simply put a new field in the transaction export to indicate which transaction is the last transaction for a given step. The researcher would still need to do some work in Excel to produce the actual grades for the students. But this seems relatively simple for DataShop to do.
    • Bruce suggested that DataShop take this one step further. Bruce, can you elaborate here more? Do you want a new report?
    • Alida wants to throw another idea into the mix.
      • DataShop can identify all problems where the tutor_flag field equals, 'test', 'pre-test' or 'post-test'. Then for each step in that problem, find the last transaction for that step and the outcome (CORRECT vs. INCORRECT) and then put an extra field in the student-step rollup export. Maybe two columns. One column indicating whether the step is part of a test problem. One column indicating whether the student was right or wrong on the last transaction.

See complete DataShop Feature Wish List.