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Status: Prioritization Needed

User Story

As a researcher, I want to DataShop to provide some report or extra data, so that I can grade online tests and have pre/post test data associated with my study.


  • Provide a "last attempt" field" in transaction export.
    • Vincent suggested that DataShop simply put a new field in the transaction export to indicate which transaction is the last transaction for a given step. The researcher would still need to do some work in Excel to produce the actual grades for the students. But this seems relatively simple for DataShop to do.
    • "Even if the DataShop is kind enough to implement the "test score" facility, I would hope it will also support the "last attempt" field, which would appear to be even easier to implement (since identifying the last attempt is a step in computing the test score) and provide great bang-for-the-buck. This field is still very useful for me and the projects that I have been involved with. For example, it is useful when the standard "test score" analysis is not quite what you need (e.g., when test items depend on each other in certain ways, or when you want more fine-grained measures of test performance, such as transfer v. reproduction - this is very very very typical and endorsed if not required by the PSLC theoretical framework). Further, given that we typically analyze test scores in Excel anyway, and there are typically so many ways to look at test scores, it seems important to offer flexibility (meaning, the "last attempt" field)." -- Vincent email 8/3/2010
    • Related Request: Last Attempts - Test Item :: As a researcher (or educator), I want to see data for last attempts only so I can determine correctness on test items. -- Ruth Wylie, July 3, 2008
  • Provide a new report. Bruce please elaborate here what you are asking for. A new field or a new report?
  • Provide two new fields in the student-step rollup.
    • DataShop can identify all problems where the tutor_flag field equals, 'test', 'pre-test' or 'post-test'. Then for each step in that problem, find the last transaction for that step and the outcome (CORRECT vs. INCORRECT) and then put two new columns in the student-step rollup export. One column indicating whether the step is part of a test problem. One column indicating whether the student was right or wrong on the last transaction.
  • Grading
    • The difficult thing would be actually producing a grade. How would DataShop know how many steps are part of each problem and how many problems are part of a test? If a student skips a step, and there are no logs for that step, then that student would have less steps than another student.

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