Perfetti - Read Write Integration

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Read Write Integration

Summary Table

  • Node Title: Integrating writing with reading
  • Researchers: Qun (Connie) Guan, Fan Cao, Derek Chan, Charles Perfetti
  • Others who have contributed 160 hours or more:
  • Post-Docs: Fan Cao
  • Graduate Students: Derek Chan
  • Study Start Date Sep 1, 2009
  • Study End Date August 31, 2010
  • LearnLab Site and Courses , CMU Chinese (Classroom and Online)
  • Number of Students: 15
  • Planned Participant Hours for the study: 105
  • Data in the Data Shop: experiments have completed


Background & Significance


Research questions

Independent Variables

Dependent Variables




Further Information

Connections to Other Studies

Annotated Bibliography & References

Future Plans