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Status: User Meetings and Requirements Gathering Needed

User Story

As a user of DataShop, I want to be able to see papers that apply to DataShop or to multiple datasets, so that I can learn more about DataShop and its datasets.


  • I want to see a list of all the papers [Ken Koedinger, Team Meeting, June 10, 2008]
    • Idea: Put on our About page somewhere. Do not add feature to DataShop application.
  • Points: keywords, search, Papers to Data sets
  • Users to interview: Ken, Maxine, one more researcher (pick a researcher who has uploaded papers to DataShop)
  • Also, would like to associate survey data from a given school to all the datasets/studies for that school that are related. Want to do this in one step and not manually add to all of them. A way to add a single attachment to multiple datasets. [Albert Corbett, Math CCM, Dec 15, 2008]

See complete DataShop Feature Wish List.