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These are the [[REAP_ET/Use Cases]] for the interface.
These are the [[REAP_ET/Use Cases | Use Cases]] for the interface.
[[REAP_ET/Domain Model | Domain Model]]
[[REAP_ET/Package Diagram | Package Diagram]]
[[REAP_ET/Sequence Diagram | Sequence Diagram]]

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REAP Enabling Technologies

REAP is going to become modular and a researcher can set up their own interface to understand the influence of a particular module.

The following table shows the architecture of the modules.

Assessment module
Level Surveys and Questionnaires Questions
Types Feedback
Pretest Postreading Posttest Pretest Postreading Posttest

Instruction module
Reading Questions Examples Definitions Sound
Dictionary Generated

Management module
Document flagging Document control Reporting Mechanism
Feedback Monitoring
Student Teacher
Whole class Individual student

Corpus Creation module
Corpus Creation

These are the Use Cases for the interface.

Domain Model

Package Diagram

Sequence Diagram