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Researcher sets up interface

Use Case: Researcher sets up Interface

Scope: Modular REAP Interface

Primary Actor: Researcher

Stakeholders and Interests: ...

Preconditions: none

Post-Conditions: Interface is set up and ready to use for a study

Basic Flow:

  1. Researcher logs in
  2. System asks Researcher which parts should be present: pre-test, Instructional Module, post-Instructional Module test, post-test
  3. System asks to set up pre-test (if chosen)
  4. System asks which type of Question should be in the pre-test
  5. Researcher sets up type of Question
  6. System asks how many Questions per word there should be in the pre-test
  7. Researcher sets up the number of Quesiton per word
  8. System asks if there should be feedback or not
  9. Researcher sets up feedback or not
  10. System asks to set up Instructional Module (if chosen)