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Status: Design Needed

User Story

As Tristan Nixon at Carnegie Learning, I want to be able to extract a dataset from an analysis database into the Tutor Message XML format, so that I can send the DataShop team XML instead of the Data Munger.


  • Steve Ritter now thinks it's a good idea and wants us to start getting the data in this format, though we have to provide the tool.
  • DB to XML exporter - create Tutor Message Format xml from the analysis database [Ben, 8/2007]
    • Why?
      • Munger can lock in a specific version of the DataShop analysis database, and then use the XML exporter to give us XML files instead
      • CTAT loads - loaded automatically or via importer onto QA/PROD/localhost, export to the XML files for easy database independent transportation
      • Quick Export of QA bugs.
    • Need?
      • Updates to the DTD to include everything that CL is currently putting in database.  Current XML schema is not rich enough.
  • Advantages
    • We wouldn't have to run the munger anymore.  Running it is rather complicated.
  • Disadvantages
    • It's at least a 10-week effort.