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  • direct instruction
  • Problem solving: A procedural task in which students are required to solve given problems.
  • Comparing sets
  • Invention task
  • Practice: an opportunity to apply previously instructed material to solve problems, compare cases, or other tasks.
  • Invention as Preparation for Learning (IPL): a structured and scaffolded invention activity, possibly with feedback, based on sets of contrasting cases, followed by direct instruction and practice.
    • Design: a stage in IPL in which students are asked to design a new method
    • Evaluation: a stage in IPL in which students are asked to evaluate a model.
    • Debug: a stage in IPL in which students are asked to debug an existing faulty solution (whether originally designed by them or given to them)

Cognitive processes:

  • Preparation for future learning: a mental process in which produces changes in knowledge that yields better learning from subsequent instruction.
    • Near Future Learning: Preparation to learn from subsequent instruction on a pre-motivated task (that is, students have been exposed to a similar task earlier, for example, during an invention phase)
    • Far Future Learning: Preparation for learning from instruction on an un-motivated problem which shares deep features with the preparing activity.


Types of knowledge

  • Procedural: High procedural knowledge allows for fluency when faced with familiar tasks
  • Conceptual: High conceptual knowledge allows for flexibility and innovation when faced with novel tasks.


  • Accelerated future learning (AFL): a measure of learning from instruction that follows the intervention
  • Transfer: a measure of performance on novel problems that share deep features with the previously learned material.

AFL and Transfer are similar, only that the AFL includes also relevant instruction.

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