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The PSLC DataShop provides two main services to the learning science community:

  • a central repository to secure and store research data
  • a set of analysis and reporting tools

Researchers can rapidly access standard reports such as learning curves, as well as browse data using the interactive web application. To support other analyses, the DataShop can export data to a tab-delimited format that can then be used in statistical software and other analysis packages. Keep up-to-date on the latest DataShop news on our about page.

We need your help!

Please help us decide which features to add to DataShop, as well as the order we'll build them. The more votes a feature has, the sooner we'll build it. Go to DataShop Feature Wish List to join the conversation.

Features We Are Building or Have Built

How to Request a Feature

See completed DataShop 3.x Features
See on-going DataShop 4.x Features
See prioritized DataShop Feature Wish List
See unordered Collected User Requests
See the DataShop Glossary
See Web Services