Fluency Summer Intern Project 2010

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Background and significance

Research questions

  • Do students in the repetition condition repeat words in the same grammatical structures? Do they use these words with the structures more than the students in the no-repetition condition?
  • Does the repetition of these words and their grammatical structures lead to increased use of the abstract grammatical structure in a post-test?


Independent variables

  • ...

Dependent variables

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Further information

The data preparation and analysis of this part of the project has been performed by Mariah Warren from ... (summer intern in June-July 2010), under supervision of Mary Lou Vercellotti and Dr. Laura Halderman from the University of Pittsburgh, and Dr. Nel de Jong from the Free University in Amsterdam

This internship was part of the project Fostering fluency in second language learning by Nel de Jong, Laura Halderman, and Charles Perfetti.