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Instructions for creating linked glossary entries:

Linked glossary entries can be created easily in the wiki. The first thing to do is go to your study or project page on the wiki. Click on the button to edit your page. Enter any terms you want in the glossary as [[glossary item]] where “glossary item” is the item you want to put in the glossary. After entering all glossary items in the double square brackets click the save button.

Now you can navigate back to your page and click on the wiki links you just created for your glossary items. If the item is new it will open a blank window for you to type the definition. After the definition is entered you will want to also add category labels like this:

This tag is mandatory


Then select 0 or more of the following tags:

[[Category:Independent Variables]]
[[Category:Dependent Variables]]
[[Category:Learning Process]]
[[Category:Instructional Outcome]]

Then select 1 of the following tags (the highest level applicable):

[[Category:PSLC General]]
[[Category:Interactive Communication]]
[[Category:Refinement and Fluency]]
[[Category:Coordinative Learning]]
[[Category:Your Project]]
[[Category:Your Study]]

By adding these tags your glossary will be placed on the master glossaries for example:

Refinement and Fluency
PSLC General

Good glossary items will include an example AND general definition.

If the glossary item is old, you will want to incorporate your new information by adding details or adding paragraphs that provide your alternative definition. It is not polite to delete others content completely, but light edits are usually considered helpful. You may need to change the category tags to reflect your changes.

If the glossary list on your page is long, you can remove the links from the page by putting references directly to the categories, like this:

[[:Category:Refinement and Fluency|Refinement and Fluency]]

See the root page for another example of how to reference categories.