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Table 2 in the Annual Report 2007 differs slightly from the wiki page. Below are the differences

  • The "Tell vs. Elicit" theme is called "Self-explanations and examples" in Table 2.
  • This project was included in the Questioning theme; now included in "Tell vs. Elicit" theme:
    • Does Treating Student Uncertainty as a Learning Impasse Improve Learning in Spoken Dialogue Tutoring? (Forbes-Riley & Litman)
  • The following projects, which are listed on the wiki page, do not appear in Table 2:
    • Tutoring a meta-cognitive skill: Help-seeking (Roll, Aleven & McLaren) [Also relevant to Refinement & Fluency, Knowledge component analysis]
    • Understanding culture from film (Ogan, Aleven & Jones) [Also relevant to Refinement & Fluency, Explicit instruction and manipulations of attention & discrimination]